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The Good Property Guide is the market leading bi-monthly magazine aimed at high-net-worth individuals. The glossy printed magazine has a minimum of 100 pages every issue and recommends the world’s most beautiful homes and travel destinations. The Good Property Guide offers the most informative and cost effective way to reach an exclusive and affluent audience. We inspire our readers

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The Good Events & PR Company has organised a whole range of events from workshops to award ceremonies, from private parties to corporate events.

The precise understanding of our clients combined with the flexibility to offer fully supported management from start to finish makes us the perfect choice for any event.

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The Good Travel Guide is incorporated within The Good Property Guide and is a showcase for the very best holidays in the UK and around the world.

Read the "warts and all" write ups from our experienced journalists giving you an insight into hotels and destinations across the globe.

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The Good Events & PR Company appreciate that sometimes public relations can be a difficult concept to explain. It’s not advertising, it’s not marketing but it crosses over into both of these areas on occasions.

What we like to do through our PR and telemarketing campaigns is a range of important activities which help raise your profile and your brand, protect it when it’s needed, fight your corner if it’s required and ensure that you and your business hit your target markets each and every time.

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